1. Body hair.

    I’m contemplating whether I should continuing shaving or not.

    I’m kind of tired of it. And honestly, I haven’t the faintest clue why I still do it. I feel like the people I need in my life are those accepting enough to deal with some body hair. The only reason why I shave is because I feel like I’m supposed to. That’s how it’s been ever since 6th grade when the popular girls complained about their shaving problems while I looked down at my bear-like hairy legs and tried to hide them under me. I still only shave because of the memory of how embarrassed I have been because of people taunting me about how much hair I have.

    But seriously guys. I don’t want to shave any more. Like, I just don’t feel like it when I shower any more. But I can’t really stop because I don’t have a good enough reason to. I guess it could save money from not having to buy razors . and I could take shorter showers.. but I want a good reason that I can say powerfully. And don’t tell me I don’t need a reason… because I do. I won’t be able to not shave if people give me shit about it and I have no counter defense.

    So, tell me- why don’t you shave? Why do you?

    1. la-vita-ebella answered: I shave because I get itchy if I don’t, I like the smooth feeling. On the other hand, shaving is so annoying and tedious though.
    2. stayblazed-wildflower answered: I shave because I personally don’t like body hairat all. But I believe that if you don’t want to shave you really don’t have to.
    3. fiishcantswim answered: because men don’t. Because if I’m to accept my body, then its the whole thing not just the parts I lke.
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      1) Hygiene 2) the above
    5. pumpkinfucker answered: I shave because I want to, really? I don’t like hair that isn’t on my head or eyebrows. I just don’t see a purpose for it.
    6. howtoconstructthepatriarchy answered: 1. I’m way too lazy to shave. 2. I have grown to like my body hair a lot, though it took a while. 3. It’s nice to know who it doesn’t bother.
    7. dragonpixies answered: I feel more comfortable with a bit of fuzzy on my legs. I shave sometimes, but hair growing back is too painful for me to want to do it often
    8. little-yoshi-beans answered: I shave because I like the way it feels afterwards, but I agree that the important people in your life shouldn’t care.
    9. x42069x said: i don’t shave my legs because i just don’t fucking feel like it, it don’t mind shaving my armpits but legs are just unreasonably tedious. i shouldn’t feel obligated to shave anything.
    10. hauntednachos answered: I shave because I like how the smoothness feels. And habit. Seriously though, if you don’t feel like it, you don’t need a better reason.
    11. geodaisia said: I actually just stopped shaving and noticed how much lighter/sparser my growth is.
    12. lewis-andclark said: I shave. I used to do it because I thought I was supposed to but now I do it out of habit and I just like the way it feels. There’s nothing wrong with stopping, it’s expensive and high maintenance. Just do whatever you want.
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